I-VITES is classified in quaternary sector, which is now even in Slovenia more and more significant and every year take higher proportion in national income. Small enterprises with different services and promotion of their further development, potentially lead to increased demand of R&D (research & development) services. Institute for high technologies and systems (I-VITES) was established at the end of 2007 as R&D institute. It`s limited liability company with main purpose of scientific-research and development activity in engineering and natural sciences.

Program of researches will be interdisciplinary and will cover development, applicative and fundamental researches, which will be closely related to regional economy. In addition to primary cooperation with regional economy, institute will also collaborate with their research projects in national and international science. Researches will be financed through subscriptions and contracts by economy but some resources are also expected from domestic and international calls, which provide either full financing or just co-financing.

Institute would like to obtain renowned experts from surrounding region, who will first create dynamic environment for effective researches. Such environment will assure quality and will play important role in further employment and training of new personnel.

R&D activity will include some technology and natural science departments or laboratories. Main activity of institute will be directed into development of technologies for renewable sources of energy, processing technologies, development of engineering materials, development of process, measurement and information systems, into planning and optimization of the technological processes, into basic researches of materials properties, into researches of the physics and chemistry of materials, nanotechnology, biotechnology and simulations of structures and processes. Special attention will be dedicated to presenting new skills and findings on different seminars, forums and conferences.

Ambition of institute is to become one of the leading in research activities in growing university campus in Novo mesto, where are most employees also educational workers on VITES (school of high technologies and systems). That provides to close contact between educational staff and practice and consequently to quality lessons. Students will have possibility to cooperate with institute with their seminar, diploma or master papers and certainly under mentoring.

That is the way how we can reach conversion of education and researches, which is directed into connection of studying, R&D and practice.